The Platform

The platform for organized communication has been provided. Free of dependence, you can control and manage it yourself or delegate the authority, within your organisation. It is upon you to take the initiative and create a dynamic 24 x 7 global presence on a CLOUD, for real time interaction, collaboration and retrieval of information, from anywhere in the world. 

All you need is an internet capable device. Technology, is not only for the technologist's, it is basically meant to benefit laymen. If you can operate the Computer, Mobile Phone, TV, Car, Washer + Dryer, Cooking Range, you can achieve all you see on this website and much more. What you are witnessing is just one facet of the CLOUD. 

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Today most businesses, corporations, institutes, ngo's, etc, have to deal with vast amounts of information. This information needs to be organized in classified segments and placed at an easily accessible, but secure location.

The conventional method is to deploy in house servers, equipped with relevant software and maintain the same with an army of IT technicians. This is financially viable only for large operations. But now, even they are embracing the cost effective benefits of The Cloud. So, why shouldn't YOU?

Just like a website, where information is placed on a remote server for easy public access, business information can also be similarly placed, but securely, organized into classified sections, and shared with select people or with a global audience.

Google Apps is Google's software-as-a-service solution for business email, information sharing, and security.  

Key benefits include:

  • Low Cost - With Google Apps, there's no hardware or software to install so you save time and money.
  • Continuous Innovation - With no software updates or patches to configure, you benefit from new features and updates right away.
  • Universal Access - You can access your data from anywhere through a web browser and on your mobile devices.
  • Enterprise-class Service - Google Apps is scalable and includes a 99.9% SLA for Premier Edition customers.
  • Secure Infrastructure - multiple levels of protection keep your data safe and secure. is a consultancy, providing introduction to Cloud Computing and assistance in design & development of multimedia content to populate your CLOUD. Solutions towards guidance on purchasing, implementing, and adopting this technology, is also provided. 

  • Deployment & Implementation of your Cloud

  • Multiple media content development (including video)

  • End User Help desk services

  • End User Training

  • Remote service administration

  • Continued consultation & update guidance