There are many occasions which demand a video presentation. Announcements, training, service or product introduction, changes in infrastructure and policies etc. These business videos may be incorporated in presentations within Docs, embedded in a internal site or viewed from the hosted collection at a secure location.

The key features of Google Video for Business :-
  • Share videos within your company - private video sharing makes important communications like training and announcements easier and more engaging.
  • Control who sees your videos - videos can be shared with the whole company or specific people.
  • No large files or complex infrastructure - employees don't need to share large video files over email and IT doesn't have to manage complex hardware.
  • Everyone can participate - Anyone at your company can view or annotate videos in the browser without specialized software.
The uploaded videos can be shared with everybody in the business or with select people. Individuals can view a list of videos available to them and watch the same at their convenience. The videos can be sorted as per their relevance, popularity, rating, upload date, etc. One can view and add comments, copy code to embed the video in another site, add your own tags to make the video easy to find, and download a copy of the video to watch on an iPod or another device.

There is a scene viewer included in the application. This enables the viewer to jump to specific scenes within the browser and watch the same, like one can with DVD's. Uploading video's and updating the parameters for sharing and collaboration is simple and can be done anytime.

Text documentation is the perfect way to train people, assuming they actually read the words.  Or maybe your CEO wants to share the latest update with the whole company.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can communicate a message better than any other format.  Google Video works like YouTube, but it's safe and secure so you can share videos internally within your company.

The best part is that there is no special infrastructure required at all.